renee and bill.....MARRIED!

first, the chazman came through once more.  the mac is up and running strong :).  how i love my "can do everything" hubby of mine :)

Next.  my aunt renee got married.  if you grew up with me,  you know that my "aunt nay" is so, so special to me. she is only 8 years older than me, and was more like an older sister than aunt all these years.  nay is extremely  talented, but to talk to her, you would never know it.  she is an international pool champion, an accomplished piano, drum, and guitar player, and an amazing vocalist.  she can drive a big rig, build a kitchen cabinets by hand, do graphic design, AND inspect buildings in pittsburgh.....there's a whole lot of power and will in that 95lb frame!  :)  but you know, even more than being proud of her for all of that, i am most proud of the mountains she's climbed in her life, the battles she has fought (and won), and the wonderful aunt she always was and is to me.  (she took ME to cancun when she won trips at a pool tournament!)  

nay put her foot in the ground last saturday and married her soul mate FINALLLY at age 43! (sorry nay, had to amaze them with your age!)   nay and bill i love you both so very much, and i am so proud to be your niece.

my grandma waiting patiently to walk her daughter down the aisle

and she gave her away

bill's mom in prayer


love this one i caught while they were in the receiving line

my mom and renee :)

nay's (and MY!) favorite cookies.  you may call them gobs, but we call them devil dogs, and my mom makes the best ones ever!

hhere's where i start to toot my own horn :):) i could eat them all up....all 3!

we played volleyball at the "reception!"  (errr...they played volleyball.  i watched :0)

nay, bill and their "kids"

i love you nay!  btw, MY middle name is renee.    xoxox