whispers.....kim and adam and weisner lands

oh, my heart has been heavy lately.  i have struggled so very much in this busy busy season to have time with my children, and time with my husband.  i feel as i though i walk around with the look of desperately needing someone to reach out and help me, to whisper to my heart and calm it..to bring peace to it.

monday evening i set out to shoot adam and kim's engagement pictures.  we shot on adam's family land.  adam and kim are exactly why i love to shoot couples.  they are FUN and they are in love.  adam talked to me about his land...how they nurture it, and tend to it.  how his grandpa worked it, and he did too.  the memories he has, and the animals he cares for, all from this land.  as he talked, in between our laughter, i heard the whisper.  my heart calmed.  i breathed easier.  i stood on the land his loved ones poured their lives into.  God whispered to me that night through the beauty of that land and the beauty of the sunset.  bet you didn't know it you two......the night with you strengthened me for another day....i love your love :).

 can't you hear the country music in the background???  i swore i was taking part in a country music video!

adam's grandpa planted every single one of these trees by hand.  there were literally thousands of them

they surprised me with this one!

and this one!

can't you hear the whisper too?

gramps.  the legacy.