andrea and dan

well, i think that this image best describes the mood for andrea and dan's wedding this past saturday.  it was fun, it was stylish, it was full of energy and it was even a bit out of the box.  i LOVE this image.  i LOVED this wedding :)

andrea is a girl full of ENERGY!!!!  i mean the smiling, happy kind that makes you happy too :)  she's just FUN!

and gorgeous of course...

and dan....he's full of NEW JERSEY!!!  the attitude accent, off beat sense of humor kind that.......hmmmm.....i guess, SCREAMS NEW JERSEY!

and handsome too :)

andrea's BRAND NEW 10 day old neice!

i think they love each other....i think :)

yah, i'm pretty sure it's love...
andrea and her father in law CAN DANCE!!!!!!!

happily ever after you two!!!!!