she just is....

tcby put us together.  i was 15, and i think she was 14..or i was 16 and she was 15...we were young! and yep. i think we ate more yogurt than we ever sold those few years :).   i can't believe that was the start of what has been a lifelong friendship for annie and i.  well, you can call her adrienne.  i'll call her annie.  

annie reeks of class and wisdom and humor and strength.  she is my heart's sister, and i am in continuous awe of her. if it weren't for  annie, i would be an overdressed, over make-up'd, costume jewelrey ridden girlfriend :). annie in my life, taught me to be a lady.  i would pick up purple beads with huge "rhinestones" in them, and i would think of annie, and trade them in for classic pearls.  she is timeless and she is grounded.  i'm a gusher, and she is a thinker.  i like to think that we balance each other out.  

annie's steadfast friendship in my life has been overpowering.  even as i try to write about it, to try to give it justice, i can just hear her in my head as i stammer over my words...."joelle, i know."  that's her.  and that's me.  i try to say it, be it, think it, act it....and she just is.  

i love her how she "just is".  she IS my heart's sister.  she is my forever friend.  

i call this my "desperate housewives" shot of annie and doug :) front of their gorgeous home.