bethany and shawn part II

i am laughing.  going through these next images of bethany and shawn's day, i realize that there are so many doctors and lawyers that i have had contact with in my life.  (dialogue with self) "hey!  he delivered my babies! hey!  he knocked me out before my last surgery!  hey!  he filled my cavities!  hey!  he fixed my broken wrist..and my kid's broken foot!  hey!  i saw her in court when i went with so and so!"  maybe i'm just overworked and overtired, but it's making me laugh this morning!  anyway, the second part of bethany and shawn's fabu day. enjoy!

thanks to chaz!

it's all chaz again!

and chaz again!  boy am i a lucky girl!

 first dance

bethany and her dad

bethany's gorgeous mom

as promised doc!

shawn insisted on grabbing this shot of ME before i called it a night!  not bad for a guy high on love 'eh?  congrats you two!