"do you poop out at parties???"

wellllllll...what a week!!!!  june has been insane for us here at unscripted.  and now, i notify all of you, that i am off to put my feet up, play with my kiddies, and catch some rays :):):).  i will not be answering phone calls or voice mails until monday, june 28th.  the latest in the watt household is a family love for "i love lucy"...my girls especially are hooked.  it's too funny to hear your 4 and 6 year old quote lucy and ethel!   lucy does a tv commercial is our favorite.  and of course the reoccurring line is "do you poop out at parties?"  is that great or what?  

until the 28th.....dont' poop out!!  toodles!

I Love Lucy