carolina girls come home

i love facebook.  it brings together old friends...i love seeing the life of someone that i haven't seen in years! leigh and i "found" each other on facebook a few months back.   we had gone to high school together and hung out quite a bit with student council, way back when :)!  leigh and her husband, kevin and their 3 beauties made their way back north from south carolina, and leigh asked me to shoot their family.   we shot at leighs grandmothers home.  a home i have admired for YEARS!  leigh sent me these great facts about the home:

"Thought you may like some additional house info... My grandparents house was built 1863-1865. Governor Pinchot took office and was sworn in to office for his second term on the front porch! Right where we were yesterday. Love that fact!  Town jail was believed to be more of a holding cell, probably for drunkards. Still love that it's there
The carriage house has always been my fav building. I found out yesterday that my grandfather sits in the wire metal chair when he gets tired on the way back and forth to the barn. Love you had my girls in it."

hope you love them leigh!