coming through....with a smile :)

geesh!  what a week!!  for any of you who know me personally, then you know that i do not hide my feelings or what i think, at all!  i am pretty much an open book and i wear my heart right out on my sleeve.  it has been a week of hmmmm.....turmoil?.....hurt....well, i guess lots of things (not with my hubby or kiddies!).  just some personal things going on that have kept me from feeling  like myself.  tgif!!!  

with all of that said, after my last post, as i checked my blog, i was completely overwhelmed with the comments that were left on my post.  each comment, as it was added brought me to tears.  how blessed am i to have such amazing people support me and to encourage me???  i expected comments like "go joelle!!"...not heartfelt testimonies!!  thank you so very very much to each of you who commented.  especially with the week i had, your words made my week!  and i love you all for that!!

SO.  to fulfill my "bribe"......and to give back to each of you who blessed me so, i am giving to you....for those of you whom i have NOT taken your photos yet, contact me , and you will get a mini session and an 8x10 free.  a mini session is 3 edited photos taken at my "studio".  call or contact me through my blog or 590.0593.

for those of you whom i HAVE get an 11x14 of  your choice from your event.  OR :) you can get the mini session as well :)

and courtney sister, i have a lunch to pay you back with :)

thank you for blessing me with your friendships, your support, and thank you for allowing me to express my love and myself through the beauty of you.  

may you all enjoy life's simple pleasures this week, and may your hearts be renewed and strengthened as you have mine:).  mmmmmwwwwwaaaaaaaa!!!