love affair and a bribe......he he he


for those of you who know me, you know that i believe that God gave me two blessings at once.  He gave me a husband that was all i had prayed for and more, and then gave me a passion for photography and a helpmate to believe in me and encourage me on my dreams.  God gave me chaz and my canon and my life has never been the same since.  since then, of course, other blessings have followed (such as my dear kiddies), but at the beginning of it all was MY love affair.

i follow a handful of photographers....most who don't even know my name.  i get on their sites, and i learn from them, i am inspired by them, and i develop more and more into the artist that i am because of their talents and their style, and the influence that THEY have on ME.

when i first heard about love affair, it was through millie holloman.  i have no idea how i first heard of millie, but i fell in love with her pictures and style at first site.  through her site, i was introduced to love affair, and the other photographers who are the creators behind this one of a kind workshop.  enter lauren clark,        kelly moore, and davina fear.  these women influence me daily and i  LOOOOOONG to attend one of their  love affair workshops.  

the chance is here.  i am entering to win a scholarship to this one of a kind workshop to be held this july.  i have 27 weddings in 2009.  i have NO WEDDINGS when this workshop is to take place!!  i DO believe that this is meant to be :).  

i want to forward to these incredible women, some comments and encouragement from my friends to HELP me possibly get there!!!  please leave some comments to help my chances to get to love affair.