courtney and jeremy kick it off!

well, here it is folks!  the "official" beginning of my '09 wedding season.  GULP.  it will be a whopper of a season, BUT what a way to start it off!!!  courtney and jeremy were, i mean ARE :) a couple made in heaven!  

my photog. pal courtney (, hooked me up with courtney and jeremy.  courts was IN the wedding.  here she is, in all of her feminine glory :)!  love ya courts!

courtney, her grandmother, and her bridesmaids, all MADE the flower arrangements and bouquets

courtney was beautiful

and sexy

and jeremy, well......

someone should get him to audition for a soap opera!  

the church was amazing!

i LOVE this motion shot of the matron of honor, martina, running to congratulate her friends!

the bridal party was just so fun and SO nice!!!