here we go steelers!!!!!!!!

yesterday was literally one of the best days of my life.  the dubois area united way hosted the pittsburgh steelers in a basketball game featuring various players fro local businesses including my future brother in law, jarad, who was sponsored by our church, treasure lake interdenominational.  my son, other than my dad, is probably the biggest steeler fans ever!!!!  his main man is james harrison who actually played in the game yesterday.  chaz and i and our buddy, "tailgated it" (with mcdonalds!) in front of the school, 2 hours early, in order to get front row seats.  the joy that filled my child's eyes, the laughter that poured out of him, and the excitement that he could not contain, gave me the most wonderful day and memories that i am sure will never leave the 3 of us.  

as i have said before, my cup overfloweth.........HERE WE GO!

my steeler fan and i!

my sis rooting on the steelers and her honey!

harrison stretching out..check out those tatts!

i think we exhausted them quickly....he he he he he!! :)

his joy makes me cry!


a signature and a hello from his main man, harrison!