and the girlies!

not to forget the females of the family, after the big steeler game, chaz and i took the girlies to the park of their choice, and out for ice cream.  these are the times that i keep whispering "heart don't forget...heart don't forget"
enjoy the smiles of my loves :)

 merry go round smiles

sun, warmth, and wind?  a day does not get any more perfect than this

my dad used to sing "freckles" to me....has anyone heard of this song or know who sings it?  "freckles, i love ya.  you have a rainbow on your face...."

she ran around on the tire bits....i swear, i DO clean my children's feet!

flowers for mommy!

and the day was finished with ice cream!  we were worried we wouldn't have enough soap to wash away the day!