friends...and remembering him

irene and lloyd have been part of my life since i was 9 years old.  their daughter lori was the first friend i made after we moved north from pittsburgh.  we both had the same glasses that had moons on each side of them!  i guess those glasses made us friends for life!  that is certainly what it has been.  

so many of my memories include lloyd and irene.  their smiles and warmth have always meant so very much to me.  when my dad got sick with brain cancer, in 2005, these two rose to the forefront, showering my family with cards and food and visits, and money, and love and gifts, and most of all, friendship.  they are two of the most precious people.

tomorrow my dad would have been 59 years old.  59!  losing my dad has impacted my life so very much.  as i have been thinking of him, and his birthday, i think of the changes and battles in my life, and especially right now, for lloyd and irene.  i had the opportunity to take these images of them and their grandchildren, and in honor my dad, and his battle that they shared with him, i would like to share these with you.  battles are never fought alone.  i learned that from this family.  i hope they know that i will fight along with them also.  

with much love....