been busy... REALLY!

these winter months are different being a photographer in pennsylvania!  fortunately, we get a few months of winter that take our shooting schedule down quite a bit, so we can regroup, reorganize, plow through the albums from all of the fall weddings, and get ready for bridal shows.  WHOO!  i know, i know, you haven't heard alot from me, but there has been a TON of work going on here at unscripted that you just can't see on the blog! along with the above, i have also been adding to and upgrading equipment.  so, i decide to introduce to you my new lens.  for you's my new canon 24mm 1.4.  my great pal krissy was happy to oblige to a shooting session this past friday.  is she a gorgeous girl or what?  

the snow is so deep and in parts, we were actually able to walk on top of it!  in the parts that we weren't, it was up to our knees!