brittney and aaron's.....hallowedding

my little girl could NOT understand it.

"are they getting married on halloween for REAL?"

"yes honey, for real."

"is she a bride for halloween?"

"no sweetie, she is getting married on halloween, and she really is a bride."

"is she dressing up in a costume?"

"no, she is wearing a wedding gown."

"is her wedding gown a costume then?"

it just didn't make any sense for my little london marie, but it made PERFECT sense for brittney and aaron.  a wedding on a super fun day of the year, and a little halloween magic to add even more spice to an already perfect day (even with the rain :)!!!)


this REALLY is brittney's black cat!!!  even her props were perfect!

you just haven't met "sweet" until you've met brittney :)

brittney's grandmother died when brittney's own mother was eleven.  this was her grandmother's ring.

it was raining, and brittney's DAD made this stellar call to head to the mill and barn.  props to daddy-o!!

brittney and aaron and most of their bridal party, danced to THRILLER at the was awesome!!

brittney and her dad danced wearing their halloween masks!

hope you love your preview you two!!!  i loved shooting your special day!