megan and ryan....will you?

i love getting "one of those" couples.  a couple that just naturally fits perfectly in each other's arms....that seem right away that they were born with the other in mind.....that life probably started with their first kiss...that others probably get slightly nauseated when they are around, but it's only from jealousy, from wanting the rare and perfect love they found in one another......

meet megan and ryan...."one of those couples"

the dogs are just oblivious to the love in the air :)

the dogs just didn't want to face me :)

megan is a psu grad, professor, and obviously FAN :).  ryan on the other hand......ohio state.......

they tackled a bit...

but love won out in the end :)

we found this great old building...megan pointed out that the writing above the door was latin.....yah...i knew that!  :)

hope you love your preview.    have you seen andrea boccelli's chriistmas special on pbs yet :):):)?