dave and melissa part II

my great pal courtney, set up this great shot for me while i was shooting the couple privately.  she took a bit of ridicule for it from a few gentleman :):).  thank you thank you courtney for your SAH-WEET eye!

melissa is an artist.  this was melissa and dave's guest book.  each person was to color a square.  how cool is that?
courtney's beautiful family....inside and out :)  love the weavers.... love the weavers   :):):):)

melissa and dave's friend played and sang a song for them.....it was AH-MAZING!

a peek at the party inside

yah baby,  my new friend bizz and i (love that girl)....yo homeboy yo homeboy yo homeboy YO!!!!!!

the inn at night.....

the last pic of the nite.....at the canals.....

love you two lovebirds!