casey and ben...will you?

i was 17 when i met casey for the first time.  i was laurel queen in brookville, pa and her family was my host family for the week of the western pennsylvania laurel festival.  it's been.....oh, 18 years since then (oh my word!), and i had to laugh the whole time i edited these pictures.  the only thing different about casey since then, is about 3 feet and straight hair (of course she was sporting a perm back in '92)!  

casey was a sweet, giggling fireball back then.  the youngest of three girls in a wonderful family, that i instantly loved, casey kept things going with her wit, her spunk, her flying blond hair, and the love that poured out of her. after all these years,  it's a family i still love dearly, and casey still has it all, only now, she also has ben.  :) (when i met up with casey and ben to shoot, casey was literally hanging out of the window of ben's truck....both arms flailing, and laughing with excitement!!)

ben and casey, i am so happy for the two of you :):):)  i hope you and your family love these pics!

we had our shoot on the night that the yankees won the world series.  of course the game had not even started yet at that point, but we had to get ben in his yankee hat to show his team spirit.  wait...did i say ben? i meant casey in the yankee hat to show ben's team spirit :):):)