spring cleaning...way early :):):)

my digital storage is FILLLLLLLED to the extreme.  

SO with the holidays approaching, i thought this might be a great time to offer some digital negatives at a special price.  i am listing the clients that these negatives are available for.  please note that this offer is for a limited time, and i do not know if i will ever make an offer like this again.  

if you see your name, and you are interested, please contact me to purchase your files!  these are images from one of my storage drives.  if you do not see your images, i MAY make them available at another time, but they are not available now. 

all files include all images that were on the pictage website.  they are high resolution files and i will also provide lab information so you can obtain professional prints from your files.  also included is a copyright release on all images.  images will be delivered on a small jump drive, and will be mailed to you upon payment received.  

each event is priced at $125.