courtney and brian are getting married :)

the doorbell rang, and my kiddies went running. ( it's been a long long week. all 5 of us here at the watt household have had a nasty case of the FLU. )   all 3 kids came running upstairs with a basket FILLED with goodies.... candy, and cards, and gifts, and lotto tickets....they dived in shrieking "who gave us this???"

"miss courtney" i told them........

"wow" said all 3...she's SOOOO cool!

that's her heart.  that's why i call her friend.  she cares with all she has...and she gives and gives.  yes, she is a photographer, and she is my friend.   (

courtney gets married in may, and i'll be there shooting my heart out :).  but for now, we NEEDED engagment pics for her in the worst way.  weather and schedules, and everything in between kept this session from happening for FAR too long.  

monday night, we "got 'er done" :), and i felt for her as i remembered the strange feelings (from my own shoot), of being in FRONT of the camera, instead of BEHIND it :).  it's not easy switching roles, and it's not easy giving up control of KNOWING how things look, and just relying on someone else KNOWING it for you.

courtney and brian came through, they did great, and YEP...their love SHINED :)

i hope you are pleased you two!!!   rest up until MAY!!!!

much much love to you!