shawna and joe 10.10.09

shawna and joe knew they wanted great pictures.  they totally gave me the reigns and tons of time to make their day happen in pictures.  i was in my GLORY!  these two stole my heart and i'm just tickled down to my toes with the day we had and the results we got.  i'm a bit behind posting these, and rather than take even more time to go through more images, i decided to focus this post on what i appreciated so much about them.  their love, and their trust in me.  

shawna and won my heart!  i hope you love these....

surely it's the look of love :)

this was shawna's grandfather's car....a '65 le my favorite color!!

cousin keenan is the owner of the car now.  of COURSE we needed a cool pic with him :)

and this is what we did with all the time shawna and joe gave me.  can i hear a collective "YAY"???????

both of shawna's siblings had their senior pics taken here, by yours truly.  of course we had to close the circle and shoot some of shawna's wedding photos here too!