cara and joey 10.09.09

my sis did cara's beautiful make up !  and the honorable katie wanson headed up the hair!

cara and lola :)

how millie's hands stayed stable enough to button all of those buttons with a crochet needle is beyond me!  

cara and cousin katie

i was downstairs waiting for cara to start taking pictures of her alone, when i saw around the corner what was happening.  cara and her mom and dad were sharing a quiet moment, reflecting on the moment of the day.  cara's dad, jim, was completely taken by his little girl.  i'm sure it was not the first time :)


honestly....grecian princess
the beautiful family

and then.....there's joey

the rings

love it!


i was on the ground looking up at the bagpipe player, trying not to laugh.  i was praying that he didn't think i was trying to look up his kilt!  :):):)   just wanted a great picture.....REALLY!

this image makes me stop's THE moment.

do you notice her grandmother reaching out to her?  oh, my heart!

dad and cara dancing

joey and mom

got it he did!

my dear dear friend nicole, and her dad whom i love to pieces!