ali and eric.....westmoreland country club

it was a one stop shot for ali and eric last saturday.  eric is employed by the beautiful westmoreland country club, and the couple decided to have their nuptuals and reception at the club.  what a fabulous location, and the staff was amazing! the wedding party was truly treated like ROYALTY in ever way.   it poured BUCKETS that day, but regardless, this couple shined beautifully.  watch for more to come!   the girlies getting ready...for some reason, i just LOVE this picture!!  it's just so...CAUGHT...ya' know?

ali's "getting ready" bloody mary :)

seriously, are these shoes HOT or what???  AND the matching purse???  and HELLO?  they were her mom's shoes and purse!  HOT MOMS RULE!

the country club's make-up room was STACKED with goodies that were...hmmmm....vintage??  the clairol make up mirrors (you know the lights on each side, with the light that changes for "your look" (evening, daywear, natural, etc), and AQUA NET!!!!  love it!!!!  HONESTLY, i never went anywhere without my aqua net in high school.  i kept spraying the can to catch a "smell of memories!"

i know, i know....STUNNING!

2 of their sweet nieces

beautiful generations

LOVE this one

will post more you two!