back. the roper family

whoa.  it's been awhile.  for all of you blog peeps out there, thanks for staying with me!  the holidays were insane for the biz!  orders and orders, shoots in between, wedding consultations galore, kiddies home from school, and TRYING to enjoy life in the midst of it all!  being a mom and a business owner is a tough act to juggle, and i'm trying to be the best at both!  

in the midst of the holiday joy, kasey and matt made a trip home from sunny california, with their little munchkin, samantha.  kasey and matt have served our country for quite a few years now, and matt is getting ready to deploy to iraq once again.  we wanted to get some special family shots for the crew, and i think we did a great job of capturing the fam at its best with a little toddler in the middle of it!  matt and kasey, thank you for serving, so my family can be free.  prayers will go with you matt!  

isn't this the cutest?  trying to kiss the wife, while keeping one eye on little sam!