ashley and bobby pittsburgh, pa

we were in the heart of STEELER COUNTRY BABY this past weekend for ashley and bobby's wedding.  a pittsburgh native myself, i was  just swamped with fond memories as we were immersed with all the wonders the city has to offer.  starting out the perfection was ashley and bobby and the special people that they are.  their families were so welcoming to us and their friends were nothing short of fun fun fun!   ashley and bobby were married at old st. luke's in carnegie and "old" it was!  this amazing church was built in the 1700's and was surrounded by this amazing cemetery with tombstones marked back to 1770!  off to the greentree radisson (by ways of the party bus), the grand ballroom was stacked with food, drink and loads of fun to round out a perfect day. i noticed that for such a great reception, i didn't post enough of the reception shots, so stay tuned for more  from ashley and bobby's wonderful wedding!