kayla and kylee seniors '09

kayla and kylee took me back to my photography roots as i FIRST began shooting with my famous twin sisters (famous b/c anyone who knows me knows that i NEVER shut up about how fantastic they are!)
anyway, these girls really ROCKED it up with their FABU styles and awesome individual personalities...girls, i hope i captured you each as the unique, beautiful individuals that you truly are! good luck!
IMG_9385jwblog.jpgIMG_9409jwblog.jpgIMG_9453jwblog.jpg img9839jwblog.jpgimg9892jwblog.jpg img0140jwblog.jpgimg9999jwblog.jpgimg9685jwblog.jpgimg9201jwblog.jpgIMG_9584jwblog.jpgIMG_9567jwblog.jpg