my wonderful friend jamie

jamie and i went to school together.  i was a year older than her.  we ran the same circles, but really all we had in common back then was our circle of friends and our waterfall bangs!  we grew up, both of us moved, and then we both ended back right where we started....big old dubois!  lo and behold, again our friends were the same and we ended up connecting.  when we met to plan jamie's wedding together (of course the photo part), neither of us could believe how much we had in common.  in jamie, i have found an old, new friend, and i am counting my blessing for it.
jamie is a girl who people are just drawn to...she drips with charisma and beauty and sensitivity and charm.  it's hard to take a look at jamie and not want to be friends with her...she just loves people.  her wedding just showcased the amazing person that she is to the hilt.  over and over, i was again surprised by just how beautiful she is, and how proud i am to call her my friend.
jamie's family has polish roots (as does mine :)) and i was DELIGHTED that during the reception, it became a "true movie scene" as the polka music was cranked up, and everyone jumped at the chance to polka with the bride.  they brought out white napkins, swinging them in the air, and all of a sudden EVERYONE had pans that they were banging! everyone was cheering and yipping and dancing around the bride until at last, jamie's mom grabbed her to dance, and brandon had to break through the ring to win his brand new beautiful bride. it was tooooo EXCITING!!!!
jamie and brandon, thank you for allowing me to capture your special day.  i wish you two all the love an luck in the world!
much love to you my beautiful friend :)