putting it all in focus... stephanie and brent..hermitage, pa 07.11.08

some things that life hands us somehow seem to turn our heads and make us realize what the really important things in life truly are....it was that way this friday at stephanie and brent's wedding. stephanie and brent were in a horrible automobile accident late monday evening. on a state route, in the dark, brent turned down his high beams for an oncoming car. when the car passed, he flipped the high beams back on, and directly in front of them was a 1700 lb. black cow. they hit the cow at 60mph and the first image posted shows how the cow literally took the whole roof off of the car. it is a complete miracle that stephanie and brent survived the accident. they figured that they were meant to be here, so they were going to go forward with the wedding. initially, the marks on their face were troubling, but after the first few moments of shock, the scabs and scrapes (and black eye) just disappeared and all we ALL saw were two people realizing what could have been lost, and grasping with a renewed realization that love and life are precious, and moments are to be savored. what a special, special day. stephanie and brent, god bless you as you heal, and i look forward to taking some images of you in the fall to compliment the ones that we took on your special day.