ben and jerica, rehearsal and dinner 07.04.08

a little background info....jerica is my husband, charlie's 2nd cousin. jerica's grandfather, earle married not only jerica and ben, but married my sweetie and i as well....almost 8 years ago! earle is married to my mother in law's sister, sylvia. earle and sylvia have spent their lives dedicated to telling literally, the WORLD about Jesus Christ. being that they have traveled so much, they always stop at my mom in law's if they are anywhere close by. earle and sylvia are amazing people and charlie and i, and my kids as well, have grown to love them dearly. i've always wondered what God would look like if i could see Him. what would he sound like? earle is what i envision in my own little mind what God could be like. when He hugs me, or scoops up my kids and laughs with them, when he teases, and when he talks to you like you are the only person who exists at the present moment. when he stretches back and lets out a warm and soft but deep laugh, and especially when he preaches and when he's the closest thing to what i can think God would be like. charlie and i have so much respect for earle and his wife sylvia, and love them both so dearly, that when jerica, his granddaughter called me to shoot her wedding, i was completely honored.
after a week on vacation, we left a few days later for indianapolis, indiana, the whole crew of us (mother in law included), and headed down the highway with our ex-cargo on top of our van, and our davey and goliath dvd's to keep the kiddies entertained. we arrived in indianapolis and shot the rehearsal AND the rehearsal dinner that was a great big 4th of july picnic, including all the grub and fireworks that one would need for a 4th celebration. these images are just a quick glimpse of the "day before".....enjoy!
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