jen and mike 6.28.08

my oh my was it an incredible wedding on saturday with jen and mike. from the first moment i stepped into the salon saturday morning, every moment following was nothing short of golden. jen was beyond stunning and mike was beyond a gentleman. jen's dad is probably the only person i have ever met (who is not a photographer of course) who takes as many pictures as me! he was in his glory all day long capturing his own rendition of his little girl's wedding day.
jen and mike's family, their friends, the beautiful rustic lodge , and even the wonderful guests at the wedding were just perfect. as chaz and courtney were shooting another wedding for me (stay tuned for nicole and ryan....up next!), my good friend, rhonda, assisted me all day. rhonda and i were seated for dinner with a charming group of young people :) who call themselves "the jingles and the jangles" :):):). it just made the night even more fun for us than we ever expected.
after a gorgeous ceremony, a gorgeous couple, a classy class class reception, and lots of fun and dancing, my mouth hurt from grinning even more than my feet!
jen and two are a supreme class act. it was an honor to share your special day with you!