it's not about me....

i am 8 years older than my brother brad, yet even so, for most of our lives we have had a very special relationship. as a kid, i dressed him up in preppy clothes and took him to dinner all the time. we would drink coffee and talk about LIFE...he might have been 8 or 9..:) but it formed a special bond. brad always wanted to marry my friend nicole and he was the biggest flirt around. seriously, he could go head to head with the best of them and still melt all my friends hearts with those gorgeous eyes and adorable personality. yet, for all of our similarities, brad and are very different. i have NO tattoos and really don't ever want even ONE. my ears are pierced with ONE hole, and he has LIKE 13 piercings. :)
brad and johnny travel the country in their van exploring the land and exploring life. brad is a deep soul and i know that the roads that he travels somehow inscript on his heart...mile after mile after mile. it had been awhile since we had seen each other, and brad and johnny stopped yesterday for a visit. i got out my camera, and the most amazing thing happened. i saw brad in a whole new light. for the first time, his tattoos and his piercings made SENSE and i saw how they are HIS art, just as my pictures are mine. so....undreneath it all, i think it boils down to, once again, how SIMILAR we are, and how much, even after all of this life has handed us, how we are still closer than ever, and adoring one another just like we did at 16 and 8.
so here he's all about brad.
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