can it really get any sweeter? this past week i had the opportunity to shoot josh, stacey, carlee and cole. this family is too cute and just too precious for words...SERIOUSLY. look at these faces! stacey and i first connected with her daughter carlee's first holy communion pictures, and it has been so great getting to know her more and more as we worked together designing carlee's canvas, and then for our family shoot. her husband josh is a HOOT...:) and i just love families like this....did i mention i love this family? he he he. ANYWAY, i had awesome light, and just had so much fun playing in the tall grass (hence causing everyone's allergies to start up), and just catching the precious moments of a young family all in love with each other. hope you're pleased fam :) img0631blog.jpg.jpg img0659blog.jpg.jpgimg0692blog.jpg.jpgimg0727blog.jpg.jpgimg0787blog.jpg.jpgimg0822blog.jpg.jpgimg0855blog.jpg.jpgimg0908blog.jpg.jpg img1161blog.jpg.jpgimg1164blog.jpg.jpgimg1169blog.jpg.jpgimg1203blog.jpg.jpg