diana and andy

a trooper and a doctor...could we spell out any more fun than that??? friday evening, we broke all kinds of pennsylvania laws (are you REALLY allowed to lay on railroad tracks?) and i nearly needed a doctor (atop my minivan trying to get "the shot"), but in the end...it was a great wrap of a
"will you?" session and we made some great memories to boot.
dr. diana is a true blog stalker of mine, and i love her for it (well, i'd love her anyway, she is a sweetie beyond sweet). anyway, with being such a fan, i SOOO wanted to wow her with her images, and i really hope this does the job for her. with her killer fair skin, her sassy style, and not to mention a hot little red sports car...ALL of that spelled out perfection, fun and love for diana and andy.
you two...just for the record....were troopers (could not resist that one diana)...
enjoy your pics!img6395jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6117jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6207jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6277jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6443jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6471jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6679jwblog.jpg.jpgimg6733jwblog.jpg.jpgimg7031jwblog.jpg.jpgimg7087jw.jpg.jpgimg7143jwblog.jpg.jpg