rachel and troy.....12.13.08

rachel and troy are special.  that's just it.  you meet them, and you immediately sense just how special they are. life circumstances, faith, and love, all combine to just make them......hmmmm.....yes, special.  they grew up in the same church together, and at their wedding, they had pictures of them as babies, sitting side by side together.  how cool is that to have known your spouse your whole entire life? their whole wedding day was immersed with people that they hold most dear to them, to the love that they have together, and to the faith that they share.  it was the beginning of what i'm sure will be a wonderful wonderful life together, and i can't wait to see where their love will grow from here :).  thank you for the honor of being able to share in your day you two.  much much love to both of you.

rachel incorporated her parents' ring bearer pillow from their wedding, into her own.  this shot reminds me of a picture of an old film star

rachel's little sister, ireland.  she even got to wear her bis sister's fur stole for her pictures!

rachel is not only a big sister to ireland, she really is a mother to her as well.  you can see the special bond they have together in this image.

one of my faves...

seriously, for such big "MEN"...they sure make little snowballs :)!

rachel's dad taking one last glance at his little girl before she walks down the aisle

the ceremony ended in candlelight

and they lived happily ever after