switching sides

WELL....this post is rather odd for me.  i take pictures.  i think i do a pretty darn good job of grabbing someone's personality out of them and making them look like top models, just by digging into the beautiful core of them.....BUT sunday, the roles were switched.  i don't think twice when i grab my camera and scoot out the door to shoot all the weddings, and babies, and seniors and professionals, and families that i shoot, but when the shoe gets stuck on the other foot...euuuuwww.....i thought more than twice!  i LABORED over my outfit, and my shoes and my hair....thoughts that i really never entertain kept creeping their way. ....should i dye my hair?  NO!  why would i die my hair?  it is always this color....should i wear fake eyelashes?  even though mine hit against my glasses when i blink?  hello?  i redid my makeup TWICE...had the eyelashes on and then ripped them off....and then chaz and i got in front of the camera, and FROZE...i mean, we are kissy, we are sometimes too gushy for others i'm sure...we have been married almost 8 years and DUDE, we have CHEMISTRY.....except on sunday....

vSO.  i post this to tell you that i understand from your point of view.  i understand the excitement and the apprehension and the uncomfortableness.  AND i appreciate waiting to see pictures that you are just praying will make you look great.....i have now been here......so for what is worth to you all out there....I UNDERSTAND!

so sunday was fantastic as our friend courtney weaver of courtney katherine photography worked her magic with my sweetie and i.  i am so appreciative of her talent and her time, and i urge you to check her out....www.courtneykatherinephotography.com  and www.courtneykatherinephotography.blogspot.com

here are chaz and i :).....and courtney, i'm getting ready to return the favor!

hmmmmm....i love this man!