my firstborn.  my only son.  eyes that light up the world, and a laugh that stops all time.  busy, inquisitive, mature, loving and intelligent.  my prayers were answered at his birth, and i love him beyond words.

my middle child, my first miracle and little lady.  sweet and humble.  giving and lovely.  a girlie girl after my own heart.  she forever owns it.

 my baby.  velcroed to my hip and i love every minute of it.  my red haired, funny, spitfire with cheeks and a grin that melt me every time.  my second miracle. 

my sweetie.  my beginning and my end.  my lover and my friend.  the daddy of my precious ones.  my rock and my support.  more than i ever wanted, and more than i ever prayed for.  8 years together that have been full of loving and laughing and heartache and trials.  8 years of working and loving and living that make us unbreakable and a faith that we cling to that is always unshakeable.

my beloved sisters and mom.  held together with time and love.  weakness and strength.  women, respectable and strong.  again, beloved.


AND my daddy and my brothers, and all i  have learned from their lives.  

my in-laws.  a second family. loved like their own.

a wonderful husband for my mom, and a wonderful, strong man in my sisters and my life.  a new grandfather for my children.  prayers prayed for years, answered this year in one man.

my friends, new and old.

my country and church.

my photography and home.

and last but definitely not least, my God who has created me, sustained me, and inspires me.  a God that sent His son to die for me, even as i fail him in my daily life.  my God that blessed me when i felt my well had run dry. 

my cup overfloweth.