kristen and adam

DESPITE the rain, kristen and adam had a wonderfully perfect wedding day.....just see!

 steeler fans take their loyalty even to the we go steelers, here we go!

  i love this picture.  it makes me laugh. can you NOT see the look of pain on kristen's face as the veil enters   her SCALP?  and can you NOT see the look of pure enjoyment as her sister lauren plants it firmly in place?

  adam wanted to create motown on his wedding day.  i think he was these series of pics.

 it was raining during these pictures.  i was dying for natural light and i had kristen stick her head out of the     basement door where there was a 3 inch overhang to "protect" her.  BEAUTIFUL.

 adam gave kristen this willow figurine as a wedding present.  i had to incorporate it for a ring shot.

 say it with, two three..."STUDS" :)

 can you SEE the rain????  

 go adam, go adam, it's your wedding day, throw your body out, throw your body out....

  LLoooove this pic of adam throwing the football while we shot some pics of kristen and the girls...

hello beautiful

  cookies and

   candy and


   cake.  OH MY!

 adam is a karaoke king.  

 the end!  congrats adam and kristen!  i LOVED every minute of your day!