kristen and brent.....harley davidson all the way baby!

 whoaaa!  saturday was WEDDING DAY! for kristen and brent.  kristen is the sister of one of my forever friends, molly a.k.a. mol cat :).  being that mol was the maid of honor, i was thrilled that i not only got to shoot kristen's gorgeous wedding, but i got to hang out with mol ALL DAY LONG!  :) kristen and brent love harley davidsons and they even had their reception at the dubois harley davidson, the most unique harley store in the u.s.a.  great people, great friends, great wedding, great day :)!   congrats kristen and brent!      

    kristen's mom cindy made all of the gorgeous arrangements for kristen's day

              i think he meant me :)

  yes, this is kristen's MOM...cindy has ALWAYS been beautiful


  my forever friends and i....nicole, molly tammy and me :)  seriously, has the class of '92 ever looked so good????  he he he 

one thing i noticed at the reception besides the crazy dancing :) was the late 80's and 90's  music!  hello?  they played MY MUSIC all nite long.....NOW.  QUESTION.  is it back?  :):):)

i forgot to post this image last week, but i HAD to!  my little 4 year old girl asked me who that funny monkey was!  i laughed and told her that the monkey's name was buddy!