my special gretchen

gretchen is so special to me and as i shot her senior pictures last week all i could think about was that this was a chapter of life that i don't want to end.  gretchen has been our babysitter for the past three or four years.  i brag about what a great sitter i have in her, and have been reluctant to let others know the name and number of my "star sitter"!  most of the time when i am out shooting, and sometimes even at home editing, gretchen is with my kiddies, baking with them, playing with them, caring for them and loving them.  i am so grateful to have gretchen and as excited as i am for her to graduate and enter such an exciting time of her life, it is bittersweet as i realize that things will change for our house too :(.so special gretchen, these photos are for you with much much love and gratitude for all you do and all you are to the watt family :)!  we love you!  (and dubois, i guess the cat is out of the bag now!  stay clear!  she's still mine!)


  gretchen and her new great dane puppy, goliath