vintage santa pictures / small business saturday / brady street florist

this is the second year that i have had the privilege of spending Small Business Saturday at Brady Street Florist, shooting Vintage Style Santa pictures.

i’m so fortunate to have my CLICK group, my own kids, my mom, and friends who volunteer to help the day go smoothly and magically for everyone.

how please i am to say that this year, the day was nothing short of magnificent!

i was able to implement a brand new scheduling system, that each client was able to book their own time slot, and we ran the entire day on schedule…with NO WAIT!

the Serene Bean was present, offering hot chocolates and drinks to the guests. jennifer jackson, with Brady Street Florist, designed another window front masterpiece that i was able to shoot all of the Santa pictures in, the DAMS drama team, showed up for a mini flash mob, treating us with carols outside the storefront, and LAST BUT NOT LEAST, our very special Santa, brought the very best magic ANY Santa ANYWHERE could bring.

i’ve received so many compliments on the images that have been floating everywhere on Facebook, and i appreciate every single compliment! i do however want to point out, that our images are special, largely in part to the heart that Santa has. the way he looks on each child with love and tenderness, and his authentic Santa spirit, just makes our images come alive with the magic a love like that can bring.

one last “thank you!” this year, i heard of a shortage of food for middle school students. staff will stuff children’s backpacks (student’s that they see who have a need) with food for the weekend. thanks to everyone who participated in the Santa pictures this year, your donations of money and food, we were able to deliver a large amount of food and cash, to help support this need at the middle school.

as you look through some of these portraits (all of these have a special editing that makes them look like a painting…to see them in person, they are just gorgeous!), i hope you are reminded of the innocence that we are born with, the simple joys of the world that are all around us, and the love that was given first, through the birth of our Savior, and given again again through special individuals, just like our Santa.

merry christmas!

 a different take on a “classic!”

a different take on a “classic!”


mary therese...Villa Maria Academy, Erie Pa

erie, pennsylvania has easily become one of my favorite places to shoot.

did you know that erie has been rated to have one of the top 5 sunsets in the entire WORLD?

erie :)

the lake looks and sounds like the ocean.

you can walk the beaches and find treasures of smooth beach glass…

and the people there, are genuine and loving.

a friend explained to me, that “ erie has the coldest, most brutal winters…but it also has the warmest, most heartfelt people.”

i couldn’t agree more.

meet mary therese…

a sweet, beautiful girl reigning from the beaches of lake erie.

this girl is one of 8 children!

we met up JUST at the beginning of the fall season for her senior pictures.

and yesterday…they had 9 inches of SNOW!!!

oh erie! :)

enjoy the images of this special girl!

senior 5.jpg
senior 2.jpg
senior 18.jpg
senior 19.jpg
senior 26.jpg
senior 42.jpg
senior 46.jpg
senior 54.jpg
senior 61.jpg
senior 65.jpg
senior 71.jpg
senior 73.jpg

mercedes...DCC senior 2019 and CLICK member!


i can’t believe how time truly does fly.

i’ve known this special girl since she was about 15 months old.

and here we are, as she gets ready to graduate from high school, and follow where her heart leads her.

speaking of her heart…it is HUGE.

overcoming her own obstacles has given mercedes the desire to help others as she was given help.

that’s a big reason that she joined CLICK this year…to help, to give back, and to serve.

a lover of nature, plants and art, we were able to find the perfect backdrops to express herself fully.

mercedes, you are a special girl, whose heart is feels big time.

i’m honored to work with you, and mentor you.

and i cannot wait to see how you change others lives as you enter art therapy.


mercedesseniors 2.jpg
mercedesseniors 12.jpg
mercedesseniors 14.jpg
mercedesseniors 1.jpg
mercedesseniors 13.jpg
mercedesseniors 15.jpg
mercedesseniors 4.jpg
mercedesseniors 10.jpg
mercedesseniors 8.jpg
mercedesseniors 11.jpg
mercedesseniors 3.jpg
mercedesseniors 7.jpg
mercedesseniors 5.jpg
mercedesseniors 6.jpg
mercedesseniors 9.jpg

hair & airbrush mu: shannon cooper

Gaige...Baldwin High School Senior


i’ve known gaige since he was a newborn…actually, gaige is my cousin michelle’s handsome son. :)

i can’t believe the young man he has grown up to be…

this guy is so talented!!!

he has accepted TWO EMMY awards as a student director on the Reel Teens of Pittsburgh.

and he in his 4th year of working with his film company , Steeltown Entertainment Project.

we had to shoot these images in pittsburgh - gaige’s stomping ground :))

gaige2 13.jpg
gaige2 14.jpg
gaige2 15.jpg
gaige2 16.jpg
gaige2 9.jpg
gaige2 2.jpg
gaige2 10.jpg
gaige2 8.jpg
gaige2 4.jpg
gaige2 11.jpg
gaige2 6.jpg
gaige2 12.jpg
gaige2 7.jpg
gaige2 5.jpg
gaige2 1.jpg
gaige2 3.jpg

love you gaige!

garrett...seniors DCC 2019


one day sweet boy,

you will look back and see that,

all that all that you saw as true…

and what you honestly loved,

will be the base of who you are, and whom you have become…

i hope these images will help take you back there on that day.

shooting them for you, surely took me back!

my dear friend april from high school….

this is her beautiful son (sorry Garrett..we had to use that word!)…

Garrett 1.jpg
Garrett 2.jpg
Garrett 3.jpg
Garrett 4.jpg
Garrett 5.jpg
Garrett 6.jpg
Garrett 7.jpg
Garrett 8.jpg
Garrett 9.jpg
Garrett 10.jpg
Garrett 11.jpg
Garrett 12.jpg