the peterson family in erie, pa!

26 years.

when he opened the door, i looked up at him (he was always tall, and well, i was always short) and said..."oh my gosh ross, it's been 26 years since i saw you last!"

isn't life crazy?

ross, married my high school friend, eliza, and THEY were high school sweethearts. 

they each moved away from dubois as school and life happened, and settled down in erie... of my favorite places ever!

eliza contacted me to shoot her son's senior pictures, and i met up with the whole family at their beautiful home in erie for not only jack's senior pictures, but for family pictures too.

we shot our session, and then spent the most wonderful evening eating (thank you ross for your master grill skills!), talking, reminiscing, laughing, and just enjoying being back together.  

and because birds of a feather flock together, i even met a few of Eliza's beautiful friends, and were able to shoot with them as well. 

but this shoot, was all about the peterson's.

DAHS class of '91 and '92 hold onto your socks, because these lovebirds haven't changed a bit!

eliza, ross, and heart is so full. 

i love your entire family!

peterson family 6.jpg
peterson family 9.jpg

i told you they hadn't changed!!! :)))

peterson family 1.jpg
peterson family 5.jpg
peterson family 7.jpg
peterson family 11.jpg
peterson family 10.jpg
peterson family 8.jpg
peterson family 15.jpg
peterson family 16.jpg
peterson family 12.jpg
peterson family 13.jpg
peterson family 14.jpg
peterson family 17.jpg
peterson family 2.jpg
peterson family 4.jpg

photography fail?

i always tell people...

i'm better at photographing real people and emotions than something that is not living. 

it's true. 

i'm a born and TRAINED portrait photographer...

BUT, at times i try outside my comforts zone.

it's not a secret how much i love erie, and lake erie. 

these are some photographs that i took while i was there...

instead of capturing other's hearts, i felt my own while i shot...:)

it might not be people...but it is still what moves my heart!

erie 6.jpg
erie 1.jpg
erie 2.jpg
erie 5.jpg
erie 4.jpg
erie 7.jpg
erie 8.jpg



the wirth's family

if one could reside in a vacation home, i've found the family that does. 

set on a beautiful spot on bimini lake, with majestic lake views from every angle in their home, the Wirth's house reflects the spirit that they, themselves carry. 

grounded, but care-free, always chasing light, and enjoying the simple things that life offers...

i've been photographing the wirth's family for well over ten years now. 

and even before the session, we walked around their house, looking at all of the photos and remembering the times that we had shooting them.  

it's funny looking at this new round of images.

they are filled with all of the same emotion and characteristics that the others held in years past, 

it's as if only the years have changed their children...and all else remains the same. 

i treasure this family, their spirit and their friendship!

Wirths 1.jpg
Wirths 10.jpg
Wirths 9.jpg
Wirths 5.jpg
Wirths 8.jpg
Wirths 6.jpg
Wirths 12.jpg
Wirths 7.jpg
Wirths 3.jpg
Wirths 14.jpg
Wirths 4.jpg
Wirths 13.jpg
Wirths 2.jpg
Wirths 11.jpg

kassy...CLICK Student Ambassador and Senior 2018

working with my CLICK group this year, all of the girls decided to have their BIG photo shoot done in the spring.  this gave us little shoots throughout the year, and then a marathon of shooting once the snow melted here :))).

kassy is one of my CLICK girls.  

and just as with the other two, i have known her a very long time. 

she's the big sister, to one of my london's best friends, and even from an early age, i saw special moral and leadership qualities in her. 

coming from a large, giving family, kassy's heart is the very same. 

and although it may look like life is an easy ride for her (she was the STUNNING 2018 DAHS homecoming queen this year), the truth is, that it hasn't been.  

she has battled health issues, and is a teenager living with rheumatoid arthritis & psoraisis.  she has worked HARD (meet up with her at Eat 'n Park...and be sure to leave her a great tip! :)), and she also encountered some personal bumps in the road as well during her high school years...

but what kassy has done with it all, is not rocket science, just pure strength.  she's grown to be a woman who loves herself, respects herself, and it shows all over her.  she is funny and kind, and a straight time for drama or nonsense with this girl!  but most of all, her heart to serve others and to love others makes her radiate from the inside out. 

as you will see...

there is no beauty like the beauty that comes straight from the heart.

kassy, i look forward to the years to come, and watching you flourish in your adult life just as you have in your young adult years.  

i love ya girl!

kasy spring 8.jpg
kasy spring 1.jpg
kasy spring 11.jpg
kasy spring 19.jpg
kasy spring 21.jpg
kasy spring 9.jpg
kasy spring 5.jpg
kasy spring 10.jpg
kasy spring 7.jpg
kasy spring 18.jpg
kasy spring 16.jpg
kasy spring 3.jpg
kasy spring 4.jpg
kasy spring 17.jpg
kasy spring 2.jpg



you need an afternoon with your girlfriends!

creative crawl only.jpg


The businesses of Downtown DuBois have joined together to create a unique event that the area has never seen before!

Introducing the 2018 Summer Series Creative Crawl!

This event is great for bookclubs, moms groups, or just a fun afternoon with girlfriends.

There are 3 Creative Crawls to choose from. 
Choose the Crawl that interests you most. 
You will spend 45 minutes at each business, in the crawl that you have chosen. You will have fun learning, creating, and experiencing something brand new.

In addition, you will receive a "Swag Bag" full of goodies from every single vendor. There will be discounts and coupons that you can use after the crawl, and don't forget! 
Each crawl comes with a lunch voucher to be used after the crawl.

Sign up as a group to be sure you and your friends are all enrolled together.

11x17 Crawl Posterwith registration .jpg

Click HERE to enroll!