I'm so glad you're here!


Photography is not something that I do, photography is a way that i live. 

My whole life, I’ve gone around asking my heart to stop moments so that I would not forget. 

What I get to do with my camera is just that. 

I shoot what my heart sees.

The moments - how they feel. 

When you look at your images - no matter what kind they are, you will see the beauty of moments. 

The unmatched emotion, and the value of time standing still for even a moment. 

With my camera, I stop time. 

And then, I give it back to you.


I have been in the photography business since 2003.

I have traveled nationwide photographing commissioned assignments.

Some highlights:  My images have been cited on the aol.com homepage, the Huffington Post,

the national wedding blog -“The Bride’s Cafe,”  & author photos with Harper Collins & private publishing.

My commissioned work ranges from numerous local to nationally recognized corporations. 

In recent years, I have expanded my studio once more with a fine art portraiture line, Essenza.  

This line focuses on women ages 8-88, capturing the unique essence of  a woman at every stage of life. 


I am 41 years old.  I always hated the fact that others guessed me to be far younger. I’ll take it gladly now :).

I got married in my century old home. We still live there.

The first time my husband kissed me, he told me that we would be married one day.  

I never looked back.  We were married 6 months later .

I started singing publicly when I was 2 years old.  I hold my camera instead of a microphone these days.

I value relationships more than things. 

I have a strange talent to make super cool things out of goodwill finds.

All 3 of my teenage kids (well, one is a tween:)) help me work my business now.  

I love teaching them and allowing them to see firsthand, the result of hard work, dreams and relationships.

Jesus is my savior.  I love him with my whole heart and serve and follow Him the very best that I can. 


My style is emotional, clean, and real.  

Think yester-year photojournalism intertwined with classic portraiture.  

I have an extensive background in portraiture that allows me to quickly position people to look their very best,

but completely natural in an image. 

I love to be invisible (especially at weddings), and take great pride in getting emotional and timeless moments without anyone seeing me “working.”

I’m very intuitive. I can sense if your uncomfortable, completely romantic, or even having an off day. 

My nature is to be a “fixer.” So it naturally makes sense that i have become a hairdresser (even at weddings),

a stylist, and a go between in family situations. 

I rarely ask everyone to look at the camera.    

I shoot real life - captured beautifully.